1. No Country for Old Men
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2. Go Pro
3. Memento
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4. Safe Nino Storyboard



Collaborator Group: Jeffrey Xiyang Su, Michael Wang, and Patricia Hu

Role: Concept Development, Design, Composition, Storyboard

Execution: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Cinema 4D

Concept: Based on an urban myth that goldfish only have seven seconds of memories, we utilize betta fish as a narrative device, hinting that Lenny only suffers from short-span memories.

Framing Device: Our sequence will start with a close investigation of the betta fish, slowly revealing the fish and polaroid pictures floating in the water. Typography as tattoos will gradually expand on the betta fish, foreshadowing traumatizing events that Lenny will encounter in the film. In the later sequence, the betta fish in the polaroid will have a slightly forwarded timeline than the fish in the water. Eventually, two timelines meet at the end of the sequence.

Style Frames

Mood Board

Lighting Board


Type Treatment