1. No Country for Old Men
  style frame
2. Go Pro
3. Memento
    style frame
4. Safe Nino Storyboard



Collaborator Group: Tiffany Chen, Grace Lee, Vicky Lin, and Patricia Hu

Role: Concept Development, Design, Composition, Storyboard 
Execution: Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects,  Photoshop

Concept: With many different wide angles and perspectives, this campaign introduces us to all the possibilities of Go Pro, such as activities in the sky, on land, and in water. 

Framing Device: We see a montage of extreme activities through the wide-angle lens of a GoPro Camera. The action doesn’t let up until the very end and GoPro stays reliably in place the whole way. In the end, one of our Athletes takes the camera off and plugs it straight into their laptop. The goal of this approach was to prove GoPro’s sturdiness, reliability, and awe of access.

Style Frames

Mood Reference

Style Reference